What is Now or Never? 

We are a new collective, founded because we can no longer accept that our politicians twiddle their thumbs as the world burns. We see this summer as our last chance to pass bold, federal climate legislation. We need our leaders to see that too.  

Will you still take action at the Congressional Baseball Game if they’ve reached a deal by game time?

If a climate spending bill has passed by then (or if passage is imminent), we will still take action to demand further legislation – this crisis won’t be solved by one bill, no matter how broad. However, we will ensure that our tactics fit the moment we are in. If Congress has passed climate legislation or is on the cusp of doing so, we may use a more conciliatory tactic. 

Is this action about Biden, too?

Yes. It is time for him to seal the deal. 

Will there be a training before the action?

Yes. Details about the training will be available soon!

Why are you announcing this plan publicly? 

Because we need this to be as big as possible.